Couples Counselling

Relationship Counselling


Relationships at some point experience breakdown in communication, conflict, or challenges. This breakdown can occur between the couple if they drift apart or the passion/romance dies down.

Challenge within the relationship can also occur as a result of external factors, such as arguments within the family unit, stress relating to work, financial strain, addictions or dishonesty.


Some common areas of concern in relationships are:

  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of respect for each other
  • Arguments
  • Different sexual needs
  • Infidelity/affairs
  • Lack of trust
  • Merged or blended families
  • Conflicting ideas about parenting
  • Conflict over a family member or child
  • Controlling or abusive behaviour
  • Addictions, such as gambling, alcohol, drugs
  • Conflict over finances


When such challenging issues in a relationship are left unattended, it can fester and grow, creating resentment, anger and unhappiness.


How Couples Counselling can help you?

Tamika is able to help you identify and change unhealthy ways of dealing with conflict or challenge. By building awareness of stuck patterns of behaviour and trying new healthy ways of communicating with each other, couples can problem solve and reconnect as a couple.


During the therapy session, each partner has an opportunity to talk about their view of the relationship and how they see the perceived problem. Tamika is then able to highlight any misunderstandings in communication and/or offer a new perspective on the presenting issue.


By attending couples therapy, Tamika is able to:


  • Provide a safe environment where you can openly discuss your challenges
  • Facilitate healthy communication so you can express your feelings, needs and desires for yourself and the relationship.
  • Provide new skills which will enable you to resolve conflict or challenges.
  • Provide strategies on how to recreate romance and intimacy in your relationship
  • Help you reconnect as a couple
  • Bring respect into your relationship
  • Help you deal with differences

Reaching out is the first step - Take the step today!


If you think that your relationship could benefit from openly communicating about any unresolved issues, conflict or disconnection, contact me today. Do not allow things to be swept under the carpet or continue avoiding what is happening until it is too late, contact me today.

Taking this first step is the beginning of your journey towards a more loving, healthy, connected and respectful relationship.

Pre-marital Counselling


When two people come together, they bring with them their own history, culture, beliefs and values.  Often traumatic events from one individuals past (or both) can show up in the present, resulting in arguments, differing points of views and challenges.


Taking your relationship to that next level is a wonderful and exciting time. Taking the marriage vow is sacred, however, being in love does not take away the practical everyday necessities of being in a committed relationship, such as financial arrangements, living together, children, blended families, differing views on families and parenting,  Pre-Marital counselling allows you and your fiancé to come together to discuss:


  • Expectations of each other and the marriage
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Explore differences and similarities
  • How to deal with blended or step families
  • Different parenting styles and expectations
  • Your love language, i.e. how you show love and your needs around receiving love
  • Conflict styles and learn how to have respectful non-reactive interactions.


Despite feelings of love and connectedness, getting married is a life time COMMITMENT; hence it involves levels of compromise and flexibility. Pre-Marital Counselling provides an opportunity, in a safe and supportive environment, for you to openly discuss the more complex areas of a relationship and living together, so why not invest in your future by giving your marriage the very best beginning to ensure happiness and longevity.


Often the stress of the preparation, planning and expectations of the big wedding day take over what is important – and that is you as a couple. Before you say ‘I Do’ take some time now to offer yourself the opportunity to explore expectations, compatibility, values, and long-term goals. Taking that step now and seeking support through pre marital counselling, we can work together to make your marriage the journey of a lifetime and to give you the skills and information you need to make this happen.

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