When is the best time to see a counsellor?


We often experience times in life when things seem difficult or challenging. Using the metaphor of a river, sometimes the river can be calm and smooth and at other times it can rough and treacherous, with rocks, rapids and waterfalls. Life can be like this too as we have periods where life seems smooth and calm and other periods where it all seems out of our control.


It is during periods of crisis or challenge that you may seek out a counsellor. As an experienced and reputable counsellor,  is able to support you in a caring and compassionate way.

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‘If you don’t do anything different, nothing will change’.

If you have read through any of the content on this page and something inside of you is stirring, follow your intuition and contact me to make an appointment. You can do this! With my support we can work together to take control back and move towards being a healthier version of you.

What kind of things need to be discussed with a Counsellor?


If something is troubling you, stopping you from sleeping or having peace of mind, it is advisable to get support. Some common issues are:


  • Relationship breakup
  • Family issues such as blended families, parenting, parents or in laws
  • Problems or arguments in your relationship
  • Difficulties with work colleagues, family or friends
  • Feeling depressed or isolated
  • Feeling anxious or excessive worry
  • Lack of confidence or low self esteem
  • Experience of present or past trauma/abuse
  • Repeated destructive patterns of behaviour such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, eating disorders, self harm or addictive behaviours.
  • Health issues
  • Grief and loss
  • Stress and stressful situations at work, home or school.
  • Feelings of anger and resentment


This list can go on and it needs to be highlighted that counselling does not need to be a long term or lifetime commitment. Sometimes you may just need some immediate support to get through an external challenging event that is causing you grief. However, if there is past trauma or pain, the healing process may take a little longer. Healing does not happen overnight but it can happen with support.


What to expect when you see Tamika


  • An opportunity to talk openly about your issues and gain a new perspective or outlook.
  • Assistance in understanding and accepting feelings. Counselling is not a magic cure to fix or solve your problems, however, it will provide you with clarity and help you come to a resolution.
  • Gain awareness of unconscious patterns of behaviour. Once you are aware of something, you have the capacity to make a conscious decision to choose different behaviours or responses.
  • A respectful and safe environment. You can expect to be supported and accepted with no judgement.
  • Assistance to identify and achieve your goals. The first session is to assess your needs, expectations and the number of sessions needed. The number of sessions can be reviewed at any time.
  • Confidentiality – Tamika works to a strict code of ethics where everything discussed within the counselling session is strictly confidential unless there is clear evidence that you or someone else may be a risk. Please refer to the policies and guidelines section of the web site for further detailed information.


If Tamika feels your needs could be better met by another therapist or different modality, this will be discussed and a referral will be made to an appropriate professional


Does it mean I am ill if I seek out a counsellor?


No, not at all. Tamika will not treat you as a sick person but as a person needing extra support in difficult times. Seeking out a counsellor does not indicate illness, however, there are some symptoms of an illness – such as depression, anxiety etc. – then counselling can be helpful.


Doesn't asking for help admit failure?


No, in fact seeking out support is seen as showing great strength. Often you go through life giving support to others and denying your own needs. Needing support is a normal part of life and asking for it is the first step towards a new path. It is often assumed that you are strong if you don’t seek support, where in fact it is the complete opposite. Those who can admit to their difficulties are considered the strong ones.


Seeking out counselling can be life changing, however, it will not work unless you really want to heal and make positive changes in your life. Benefits of counselling will vary for each person as we are all individuals on our own personal journeys.

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