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Learn Astrology with Tamika 

Bringing your Astrological natal chart to life


Join Tamika on a journey into the wonderful world of Astrology using experiential methods, bringing the natal chart, the planets and signs to life.


Even if you know a bit about Astrology, this course will allow you to delve deeper into the planets, their positions in your chart, their inter-connectedness with other planets and how this plays out in your human experience.


What is Experiential Astrology?


Experiential Astrology is an ancient and powerful technique that brings the chart to life and allows you to: 


  • Work energetically with the different planetary energies. Rather than talk about how a planet may manifest in your chart, you get to experience what it feels like.
  • To communicate directly with the planetary energy to ascertain how it shows up in your life. 


An example of this might be the planet Mars: it may show up as being passive, aggressive, or completely pushed down or over the top with expressing its anger. By communicating directly with the archetypal energy of Mars we can look at ways it can show up in a higher vibrational way, or in a healthier manner, eg assertive.


  • Connect with your potentials and possibilities
  • Connect or reconnect with wounded parts of yourself
  • Transform and heal through working with the different planetary energies
  • Build awareness of what has been blocking you or stopping you from stepping into your true evolutionary potential 


Other benefits of learning Experiential Astrology


  • Learning to trust your intuition
  • Working using astro-drama, psychodrama, music, dance and visualisations. 
  • Self discovery and the ability to connect with all parts of the self which is represented through the planets, signs and houses


As part of this training it is imperative that you do your own healing work, be aware of any issues and triggers so if you encounter anything similar during the therapeutic process with your own clients, you can recognise and be aware of any projection, transference and counter transference.


Whilst Tamika is trained in traditional Astrology, she is also an Evolutionary Astrologer, hence will be teaching this program using Evolutionary teachings and techniques.


Working from an evolutionary perspective, you will be learning that the natal birth chart is a map of the soul's evolutionary intention.


Evolutionary Astrology


Evolutionary Astrology is fascinating, for as each person is constantly 'working' energetically in the world, and from a field perspective, we are interacting with energies and patterns of behaviour that have often been carried down from a past life or time. Evolutionary astrology looks at the larger more transpersonal meaning in life and offers you the opportunity to look at what you need to do in order to live your life with balance and tap into your higher potential.

Evolutionary astrology will look at the astrological natal chart from a deeper psychological perspective, empowering client's to find their own answers and make positive changes.

This course will be run over 4 terms, and will be structured as:


Term 1:    2 x weekends (4 days) - commencing February 2020

Term 2:   2 x weekends (4 days) - commencing April/May 2020

Term 3:   2 x weekends (4 days) - commencing June/July 2020

Term 4:   4 x Saturday Masterclasses (4 days) - commencing August 2020


Term 1 - What you will learn: 


This comprehensive training will take you through the history and development of Astrology.  The relationship between the movement of the planets how this affects the inner world of human consciousness. You will learn the building blocks to Astrology – how it all works.


Begin the adventure into the signs in the Zodiac, the houses, the ruling planets, the elements and modes as well as learning how the planets and signs impact upon you. 


Whether you are new to Astrology or you have prior knowledge of Astrology, this course is for you. It is designed to bring Astrology alive working experientially. Yes there will be theory and information to take in, however there will be ample opportunity to explore your own natal chart working energetically with the signs and symbols. 


How to book:


Contact Tamika directly at or on 0404 884 257 to inquire, pay your deposit & book your place for the 2020 training. Places are limited so book early to ensure you don’t miss out.


Details of your date, time and place of birth are required at the time of booking.



You will be provided with a copy of your own natal chart, along with a workbook. At the end of the term 1 training you will have gained a basic understanding of the signs, houses and planets in your chart and the predispositions or characteristics associated with each planet and sign.  


TERM 2-4

Will delve deeper into planetary aspects, transits, cycles, the Moon, it's cycles and the Nodes of the Moon. As well as working with case studies and learning how to interpret a chart. 


At the completion of term 4 you will receive a Certificate in Astrology. 


Join Tamika for this transformational experiential Astrology training.


Do you want to know what is coming up for you in 2019?

Are you adventurous enough to explore your inner world?

Are you curious about how your past lives are influencing you?


If so, an Astrology Reading is for you! Explore your astrological natal chart with Tamika and discover your upcoming transits and progressions. 


Or book yourself in for an Evolutionary Astrology reading. Evolutionary Astrology offers you the opportunity to delve deeper and address the 'soul' intentions in this life-time. It honours you as a dynamic, changing being that is capable of evolving and embodying your highest human potential


I would love you to join me on this adventure into the wonderful world of Astrology. It has been a passion of mine for such a long time so I am excited about the prospect of passing on my knowledge, passion and wisdom to you through my training course & Astrology readings.

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